School is now in session! 

Recently, several school districts have returned and the big yellow bus it now running around the same time my husband and I leave for work.

Thinking into the future, my daughter will occupy those bus seats as soon as what could be next fall and her day will be filled with going from class go class and learning all they have to offer. But will she be ready to go? 

I am not a stay at home mom although I wish I could have been. I feel if given the chance, I would have had more to offer as a mom. Sure, Daddy and I both try to teach her things. As of right now she is not very verbal so it is hard to know what exactly she is retaining. To us, she is very intelligent, but isn’t every child to their parent? 

I fear that when the time comes that she will be behind the other children. I try to read to her little silly books that rhyme. Books about hair, books about princesses and everything in between. We count to three and recite our ABCs. But is that enough to prepare?

Next fall she will be old enough to start preschool. Whether or not she will go is a different story. I am told they base admittance on a few different factors, one being your income. I have a hard time understanding what the relation of your yearly income and your toddler beginning school. 

I suppose these should be worries for another day considering we still have a full year to go. I just can’t imagine my little chubby cheek, gap toothed baby going to school.


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