Eye Opener!

So I am on lunch at work and I am going through my emails on my phone, just quickly glancing and deleting. Glance, delete, glance, delete. And then all of a sudden this one email literally jumped out and slapped me across the face! 

A few months back, maybe even a year ago, I signed up to receive a bible verse a day. In all honesty, don’t always read them. I am an email hoarder and there are days I will sit and purge over a hundred emails a day. Well today I opened this daily email and actually read it. 

It didn’t take a second to know that this particular verse is totally about me. Here it is. 

I, unfortunately, do the polar opposite of this. I complain, I bicker and argue AT EVERYTHING! 

Why? What is it going to do for me? What do I benefit from it? Nothing at all. And it also has me thinking about what it says about me and what people think when they hear me. 

Honestly, I am embarrassed. I complain at work over everything and I couldn’t begin to imagine what my co-workers think! 

So my goal from today on is to tone it down! To chill out. Because if I don’t my child is going to grow up listening to me and learning to be the same way! I don’t want to do that to her. Because kids are always watching and listening to their parents! 


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