Digital Book VS Actual Book?

I have been an avid reader since my childhood. I remember going to the library and picking out Judy Blume and other various children’s book. Of course, that was in the 90s when people actually read hardback/paperback books.

Today, children have always had technology. Thus the debate, digital book or actual book?

I discovered digital books in 2010, when I obtained my own Kindle from Amazon. It went with me to work, on trips, to college, everywhere. Since, I have preferred reading from some sort of device, whether it be Kindle or the Kindle or iBooks app on my cell phone.unnamed

I am sure a lot of the Bookish population of the world just gasped. A lot of people are saying “How can you say you a book lover when you don’t read actual books?”

My opinion is that digital is just so much easier to carry! I mean, I always have my cellphone, therefore, I will never be without something to read. With an actual books, you will forget at home or in your car and then how will you know if Kiera is going to finally break up with Denny for Kellan?

Convenience is the key! I even read the bible on my phone. It’s the same concept. Why would I want to lug around an actual Bible when I can get it pulled up on my phone with a few touches of your fingers.

What about you? Are you a book person or a digital book person?


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