The Silent Waters by Brittainy Cherry

Hi Bookworms! I just want you to know first that this was one of those books that was so good, I was put in a book coma. 

If you are not aware of the term “book coma”, let me explain. Book coma is when you read a book that is so amazing that it literally stops you from moving on. This could mean your inability to write the review and also the inability to move on to another book. 

Today is technically Tuesday (it’s 4:39am) and I am sitting here trying to review this book that I completed on Friday! I have been unable to pick up another book also. 

The Silent Waters by Brittainy Cherry begins with to tell the tale of two people, starting out from childhood. 

Maggie May Riley and her dad had been making it on their own when her dad remarries. This changes her life completely because she now has siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. When she meets her new family, she is also introduced to Brooks Tyler Griffin, her brother’s best friend. 

From the age of ten, Maggie knew she wanted to marry Brooks. He, however, didn’t feel the same. But she was persistent on marrying him in the woods by the water. She planned it all, down to what he would wear and where they would live following. 

But the day of the “wedding”, changed all of their lives forever. What happens on that day will haunt them all forever. 

There are moments in our lives that change you. Emotions that get the fire burning in side of you. Moments that completely shut you down on the inside and you can’t do anything to heal it, but only time can. 

The Silent Waters is a devastatingly beautiful tale, even down to the cover. It reminds you that you have to keep pushing forward, even while you can’t find your voice. 

The book is a part of a standalone series, Elements. I was unaware of this until later on and come to find out, I had already read the other two books in the series. They are equally beautiful. 
The way Brittainy Cherry writes is truly an art form. Her characters make you feel real emotions, whether it be love or even hate. 

This book and this author can’t be missed, so please check them out. And if you couldn’t tell, I rate this book 5 out of 5! 

Until the next one! 


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