Torrid Affair by Callie Anderson

Torrid Affair by Callie Anderson

*NOTICE* Please be aware prior to reading this book that it does involve infidellity.

Love is a fire burning out of control. As great as it can be, it also destroys, kills even. The thing about love is that you can’t help who you love. You can’t control fate.

Love triangles are always an icky situation. But when you are in love with your best friend’s husband who also happens to be your brother in law, thing are extra icky with a side of sticky.

The story of Nate and Brielle is filled with consuming love and also intense heartbreak. They meet in college after Nate steals Brielle’s parking spot which makes her late for class. He takes her out on a date to clear the air. The thing is, both of them really hit it off.

Enter Delaney, who is Brielle’s best friend and roommate. She drags Brie to a football on Saturday to meet “Moose”, this new guy she has been seeing since the semester started. Lo and behold this “Moose” is Nate.

They both decide to keep their date a secret and just be friends. But you know what they say; Love is friendship on fire. Due to the fact, they can’t be together, Brielle starts going out with Julian, Nate’s younger brother. However, things don’t always go as planned. You can’t stop fate or love.

This story never slows down. It keeps you on your toes from the first page. I was happy and heartbroken all at the same time. There is a lot of angst, so don’t dive in, hoping for mushy gushy with a happy ending, because you aren’t going to get all of that.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars! It is a must read for those who enjoy love triangles! Callie Anderson does an excellent job!



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