A Shade of Vampire Book One 

A Shade of Vampire By Bella Forrest. 

A couple days ago, I ran across this book on my Facebook. I saw it and though, “it’s been a really long time since I have read a vampire book, so why not?”, and I bought the first book. 

Sofia Claremont’s seventeenth birthday was not like any normal teenagers birthday. She was walking along the beaches of Cancun alone. Her best friend had totally ditched her and she was so heart broken, even after his attempt to apologize. When out of the dark of night, she is grabbed and whisked away from the beach into The Shade. 

She is chosen among four other young girls just like her to be a part of a harem for Derek Novak. 

Derek is a Vampire who has been in a deep sleep for I think it was 400 years. The ladies chosen were to be his salves or dinner. 

Once he awakens and sees Sofia for the first time he is immediately attracted to her realizes there is something different about her. He takes her as his personal salve and makes her go home with him. 

I don’t want to give away to many spoilers, but in the very main beginning, before her abduction, Sofia has a panic attack and we learn she suffers from Anxiety. However, when all of this is going on at the Shade, she seems very calm. 

It was confusing for the author to just switch the characters like that. Going from panic attacks at a football game to a strong woman who isn’t even that terrified of a Vampire. 

I did go on and read book two. This is a huge series but the story of Sofia and Derek only goes to book seven I believe. But once you finish book two and follow into with three, you start to see how it will unfold. 

It’s a lot like Twight and even if you are familiar with The Shadow Hunters, it reminds me of that also. 

I am conflicted as to if I should complete at least the seven books about Derek and Sofia or not. I will let you know if I do. 


3 thoughts on “A Shade of Vampire Book One 

    1. I know! There was a lot of things just in the first two and what I have read in book three that just didn’t make sense. It played a lot like Twilight, trying to make her weak in the beginning and then changing their mind. I don’t know if I can finish.

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