Fractured Beat (Meltdown Book 1) by RB Hillard


If you know me, you should know that I am a sucker for band reads. I suppose it’s always been my fantasy to somehow go on tour with a hot band. Of course, that will never happen, but I can read and dream. I picked this up after reading the blurb and was intrigued by it.

As it begins, we meet Grant Hardy, lead singer of the band Meltdown. He is making his way to the stage when something just doesn’t feel right. He has had a few drinks, but nothing that should have made him feel this way. Sweat begins to bead down his back, his chest tightens, his vision blurs and before he knows what happens, everything goes black.

He awakens in a facility, a rehab facility. Here is the problem, he isn’t an addict.The band couldn’t take the turmoil that would follow after the public discovers that Grant literally OD’d on stage, so they sent him to rehab for two weeks. Once the two weeks was up, he would then return on tour, but not without a personal counselor following him and treating him along the way.

Mallory Scott, was the lucky counselor that was hired to treat Mr. Hardy. She flew to meet the band in Houston and was basically thrown into the middle of the fire. There was major tension with the band.

Grant was convinced that someone was trying to kill him by drugging him, however the rest of the band along with management, did not want to believe that. At first Mallory did not either, because of course an addict was going to deny their problem, she knew all about it.

After spending time with the band, Mallory noticed first and foremost that Grant Hardy was an ass. But she begin to assess him and realized his honestly and truly didn’t seem to be on drugs. She believed him.

The story turns into a witch hunt so to speak to finding the person that was trying to end Grant’s career and possibly his life.

“If you have to go, you need to know…When I catch you, which I will, I will unravel you.”

This was a very interesting read. It was enjoyable and I would rate it  4 1/2 stars. The reason to me it is not a five if because there were a few chapters in the beginning when the author would switch the point of view between Mallory and Grant, it would basically repeat the previous chapter almost completely, but just in the other person’s point of view. I, for one, am not a fan of this.

Other than that I really enjoyed it. It is considered romance and it is one of the best kinds because there wasn’t an insta-love relationship. So if you are into band reads and romance, check it out! It is a series and I wouldn’t be opposed to reading on.


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