His Brat: A Dark Bad Boy Romance by Isabella Starling

His Brat by Isabella Starling is a fairly quick read with about 221 pages, according to Amazon.com. It is a contemporary romance as well as new adult. If you do not like reading a lot of sex, you might want to skip this one.

If you sleep with someone random and then discover that they are now in your family, what would you do?

This was a very interesting read, some may even consider it to be taboo, but really it isn’t.

Six months ago, Max Rivers was a bachelor. He was thirty-five and wealthy and he comes from a pretty famous family. So of course, someone who is in the running to be mayor would want to snatch him up, purely for business of course.

Max lets his friends take him out for his last night of freedom and this is where he meets Lola Grace. Lola is a young woman in a pink wig at a bar she isn’t old enough to be served alcohol in, but for whatever reason, Max is drawn to her. Even after discovering her age, he still takes her home to his apartment.

After their night together, he is aware that this couldn’t last, due to his business agreement that was going to begin that very day.

Lola Grace arrived to have brunch with her mother and was completely ambushed. The man who she had spent the night with, the very man that had taken her virginity, was apparently married…to her mother.

This book was a little different than what I have previously read. It is somewhat a branch off from the ‘Stepbrother’ books that seem to be EVERYWHERE these days. So if you are a fan of those books, check this one out. Instead of stepbrother, it takes it to a whole other level by using the stepdad as the love interest.

I thought this was an okay read. There is a lot of curse words in there and a lot of sex, so if that offends you, this might not be your next read. But there is a lot more to the book than that. It does have a plot.

I would give it 3 stars, because like I said it was an ‘Okay’ read. It was one of those insta-love books and I prefer to have the build up of the love story.


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