Hot Shot: A Second Chance Romance

Hot Shot: A Second Chance Romance by Joanna Blake

Genre: Romance

I got this book on Kindle Unlimited.

First, I have to say I have been and apparently am still in a reading slump. Sometimes this happens. I will have a good run were a few weeks all of the books I read are four or five stars and then all of a sudden it’s like I pick one stars. 😬

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️ 


This book is about Drew and Kennedy. Drew, (the hot shot I guess?) is a fireman but has taken to drinking after Kennedy, a girl he was with for six weeks, just up and leaves. But then she comes back, with a baby that she says is his.

This whole story was so awkward to me. It seemed to flip flop. They all apparently have a bunch of brothers. Kennedy’s brother’s has bullied her into leave once they discovered she was pregnant. Like what the hell? Excuse my language, but the whole concept of that was ridiculous. 

Well anyways, she’s back and Drew wants to basically screw her out of his mind. He finally decides he wants to be a dad and then wants to get her pregnant immediately. 

Here is the thing that killed me. He wants to knock her up again, but they are never taking care of the kid they have because they are literally always having sex. I get it, it’s romance, but really that’s all the story is. Their internal conflicts about being together and then them having sex. 

Oh and if you get the version I had, from KU, this book ends at 50% and another one begins, but I am not even attempting that one. I want to scream! I need a good book to keep me sane. 😂

I apologize if this post has errors, I’m on my iPhone. 


One thought on “Hot Shot: A Second Chance Romance

  1. Wow I feel so bad for you, I hate books who sell has having more plot but actually just a smut book. People should always say when the books are just smutty delights. Ha ha, sorry.


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