Yep that’s me. Laying in bed with so much on my mind. Writing has been a dream of mine and very few people know that I aspire to do things with words. 

As long as I can remember, I have wrote things. When I was a tween, I would write fanfictions about my favorite boy bands. I would get a little too excited when it came to creative writing at school. 

I haven’t been writing a lot in the last couple of years. Once Brylynn came along I was only in mommy mode.I have wrote to her, things for when she gets older.

When she turned one we created her an email account and on occasion, I will type a few lines and send it to that email. Hopefully when she is older, when we give her access to it, she will look back and see just how much she means to us. She will have memories, our memories of things she done that she won’t be able to remember.

Today, I wrote a poem. Actually two. I really want to share that here. I know it would be breaking away from what I set to do when I created this blog, but I wanted to see if you all would be okay with it. With my ramblings of sorts. 

Of course the book reviews will continue. I will never stop reading. 


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