Review: Torpedo by Joanne Blake

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 481 (it says that on GR, but there is no way that book was 481 pages because there are two books in one)

Published: January 17th 2017

Goodreads Summary:There’s three things I love: my crew, my ship, and sinking my torpedo. 

I wanted to serve my country for life, but then my ship blew up. Now I’m stuck on indefinite shore leave, holed up in my hometown with no crew, no ship, and definitely no women. 

Until, after five years, she walks back into my life . 

Tabitha Peterson. 

Shabby Tabby, the beautiful girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She didn’t have money for fancy clothes, but Tabitha still caught every eye in a hundred mile radius – especially mine. Back then, I’d have done anything to catch her – with zero luck. 

I’d always wondered where she ended up. 

Now I know – because she’s in my house, the caregiver sent to tend to me. I’m broken, maybe forever, but she’s more tempting than ever, with her crazy curves and big, beautiful eyes. 

I go from being bored stiff to having the challenge of my life. 

I have two missions: learn to walk again, and get Tabby where I’ve wanted her all this time. In my arms and in my bed. 

We can do it lying, sitting, or standing on one leg – I don’t need both legs to show her a good time. I just want to tear her walls down as I tear her clothes off. 

When they fall, I’m not prepared for what comes next. How badly she’s been hurt… or how badly I want to protect her. 

But I’ll risk everything to make her mine, for good

My Rating: 🌟🌟

My Thoughts: This book was a big nope for me. I went into this, not realizing what the word torpedo meant in the first sentence of the summary.

Torpedo: a cigar-shaped self-propelled underwater missile designed to be fired from a ship or submarine or dropped into the water from an aircraft and to explode on reaching a target

Nope, it isn’t that. It’s his penis.Now granted he was in the Navy. This book had me seriously ROLLING my eyes so hard it’s a wonder that they didn’t fall out of my eye sockets.

The man in this story, Gabe, he was a jerk and horn dog. There was no chemistry at all. It moved so fast, within a moment they were spitting out “I love you’s”. It was super rushed.

I want a book I can feel! I want to understand the characters emotions and pain and this was so fast there was nothing to grab ahold of.

And take note, this book only goes to 50% and then they slip another book in there. Usually I would be a fan, but I am not even going to attempt it.

On to the next one. (I apologize if there are errors in this post, I’m on lunch and on my cellphone 😂😂)


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