Review: Buried Secrets Series by Silla Webb (Books 1 and 2)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: 2014 

My Rating: 4 ⛤⛤⛤⛤

My Thoughts: I was drawn to these books when I found them on Amazon. I am from a Coal Town. Maybe the biggest Coal County in Eastern Kentucky.So of course I was intrigued by this. I did some research on the author and found that she actually is from the same County as me.

I only read the first two books of the series, but there is a third, however I did not have any interest in reading that one.

The first two books are about Carly John Simon, daughter of Big John Simon, who was a huge Coal Mine owner.

Carly got the shock of her life when she was 17 years old. Her boyfriend broke up with her and the very next day she found out she was pregnant. When she ran to her Daddy, the one person who had always loved her, he was ashamed by her. It broke her heart and it was the straw, she had to leave.

Before I go on, just know that these books contain rape, drug use, abuse and violence. 

Seven years pass by and Carly gets the news that her father was dying and she knew she had to get back to Kentucky as soon as possible. 

He soon dies and she discovers her daddy has left her the company. She knew not a thing about being a CEO of a Coal Mines.

With that on her plate, she bumps into her old flame…Colton, the boy she left behind all those years back.

I don’t want to say that much without giving a lot away. I liked the two I read, but just didn’t love them. 

Honestly, I thought that they were good, but at times there were some unnecessary drama. 

Being from this area, I thought that Silla Webb did a fairly good job explaining the troubles of this area. There is a big drug problem in the region and that is covered in these books. 

Anyways, if you wish to read these books, the first one is Kindle Unlimited, however the second and third are not. 

On to the next one!


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