Torn (Devils Wolves Book 1) Carian Cole

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 422 pages

Published: August 28th, 2016

Goodreads | Amazon

Goodreads Summary: He’s loved me since the day I was born.
He’s taken care of me.
He’s awakened me.

Tor. My father’s best friend.
Fifteen years older than me, he’s always been my protector. The one I should never, ever want.
But I was born to be his.

She’s always loved me.
She’s shattered me.
She’s healed me.
Kenzi. My best friend’s daughter.
I held her the day she was born, and I never let go.
She’s forbidden to me. But she’s the only one that really gets me.
We’re slowly being torn apart by everything we love.
Everything we want.
Everything we desire.

And now I want the one thing I can’t have… I want her.

** Please note: there is NO underage sex in this book. This book is intended for readers 18 years and older **

** Portions of sales of this book are donated to various pet rescue organizations.**

My Rating: 5 I love you the most Stars!-

My Thoughts: This books was Amazing, yes with a capital A. Holy smokes. Not to mention I am pretty sure Toren is now on my book boyfriend list.

Kenzi is the daughter of two famous rock stars. Born to them when they were only teenagers. Her parent’s enlisted the help of their best friend Toren Grace to help take care of Kenzi. Toren agreed, after he is forced to leave the band to help watch his Goddaughter, while her parent’s are touring.

Toren and Kenzi seemed to have had a connect from the very beginning of her life. He was the only one she would stop crying for and he was the only person that could get her to go to sleep. So it was only natural that as she grew up, they would have a close bond.

Kenzi was on the edge of seventeen. She was nearing the close of her high school year when she starting seeing some things differently. Mainly, Uncle Tor.

The atmosphere of their relationship had started to change. But on the night of Kenzi’s prom, is when they both realized something was happening between them, with a near kiss. After that night the tension keeps building, until eventually it is unavoidable.

The author does an amazing job at building this relationship. You feel the tension, you feel the heartbreak and even the lust! I love it when you can feel how much two characters love and care for one another.

This book is not an easy one, but you know that there will be complications. The first one being Asher, Kenzi’s father. That was the number one concern when they acknowledged their feelings. Both  Toren and Kenzi were worried that Asher would hate the idea of the two of them. Mainly because she was basically raised calling him her Uncle. But to her, he never felt like family, but her best friend.

The number two concern was of course the age difference. Kenzi had just turned 18 when their romance begins and Torn was 32. They worried what other people would think or say. But in the end you just can help who you love. Who makes your heart flutter.

I am sure that a lot of people, when going in to the book ,will think this is a taboo topic. That is it forbidden and may it is. But once you start reading it and can feel the love that they have for one another. To get a glimpse of how their relationship has always been, you will accept it.

I’m telling you this, if you don’t read this book you will be missing out.By far one of my favorites! It is Kindle Unlimited!!



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