Review: A Star to Steer Her By by Beth Anne Miller

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 322

Published: March 20th 2017

Goodreads | Amazon

Summary: I’m scarred. Broken. I’ll never be the same.
But I will take this journey.

Ever since my last dive ended in bloodshed, I’ve been terrified to go back into the water. But the opportunity to spend a semester at sea is too good to pass up. I need to get my life back.

I never expected to love it this much. And I never expected Tristan MacDougall.

Rugged, strong, and with demons of his own, Tristan helps me find the courage I thought I had lost and heals me with every stolen moment we share. But the rules of the ship mean we can’t be together.

When a dive excursion goes terribly wrong, our only hope for survival is each other.

My Rating: 5 Stars!!


I have received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sometimes you will get a hold of an amazing book that takes you places. This book will do just that as you travel with Ari and the reason of the crew around the Caribbean Islands and learn to sail.

Ari’s tale on full of tragedy and heartbreak with an accident that could have ended her life. This accident has disrupted her life along with her relationship with the person she is closes to, her twin.

As she boarded The Meg, she had tried a thousand times to pull out of the program, but she kept pushing herself to move on. She meets a bunch of new people, that in their own way, help her move forward. Tristan, the son of the Captain of the ship, helps her the most.

The forbidden relationship between the two, grows strong even though they both try their hardest for it not to happen. Then is was about keeping it a secret..

This book was great! I am so glad to have added it to my “Read” shelf, but with each good book you read, you grow a little with the characters. Check this one out!


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