Review: Chasing Kade

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Rockstar Romance 

Pages: 424 

Published: March 17th 2017

SUMMARY:There’s no such thing as too much fun…


Incredibly, immeasurably, categorically false.

Try: It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in the tabloids.


Kade Edenfield was rock royalty. If every rock god in history gathered for dinner, his seat would be at the head of the table. He was that good. His band was elevated to a level few ever reached, and he was having the time of his life.

Until one misstep too many landed him on the front page of every gossip rag around the globe, and the band’s label decided to saddle them with a PR priss whose sole mission in life was to suck the fun right out of his.

He wanted her gone.

Until he realized he just plain wanted her.

Aubrey Taylor didn’t ask to be assigned to babysit a band full of troublemakers, but she wasn’t given a choice. Wanted or not, she intended to fix the mess they’d made. She’d do it quickly, efficiently, and then she’d get the hell out of there. Unfortunately, after meeting their openly hostile singer—the one with the notoriously menacing stare—it was clear she was in over her head. When Kade made a point to challenge her at every turn, unafraid of using intimidation to get her to back down, she found herself in even deeper trouble.

While she ‘officially’ resented and feared him, their power struggle secretly turned her on.

She desperately wanted to win their little standoff, but what was she supposed to do when she realized she wanted him even more?

I received an ARC for an honest review.
Rockstars…ya gotta love em. But sometime they tend to get into trouble and that’s when PR is called in to clean up the mess.
That is exactly what happen in this book. The band Thrill of the Chase screams scandal. 
Brooding twin brothers Kade and Kane, along with three other hot rockers and you are in for a treat!
Audrey thought she knew exactly what she was getting into when she walked on board the tour bus. She was there to clean up the mess and prevent them from happening again, only its not that easy.
Her life had been uprooted not long ago with tragedy and she just wanted to recover. With her best friend and ex therapist being the little bug in her ear telling her to go for it doesn’t help.
Chemistry with both Kade and Kane! But Kane was just a friend….right? And Kade? How could she fall for someone like him? He was a troublemaker…or was he?


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