Tattooed and Alone for Christmas: Part One by KL Donn

✵ ✵ NEW RELEASE! ✵ ✵


Tattooed & Alone for Christmas: Part One by KL Donn is now live!!

(Previously published in the Hot Wicked Romances anthology)


Grab this sexy, & sassy menage novella for just #99C or #Free in #KU



Jet Ryhan is the girl next door. A dark haired, green eyed beauty.

Only she has one flaw…

Or so society says…

She is tattooed and pierced.

Familiar with the sting of unjustified stigma’s, rejection became her best friend, and betrayal kept her warm at night.

So why would she risk going home for Christmas only to be criticized and belittled again?

Why would she leave the comfortable warmth of her tattoo parlor?

Three reasons:

Loneliness is a cold hearted bitch.

Greer Latimore.

Eli Saxton.

Roommates, business partners, best friends.

They shared everything.

Greer Latimore and Eli Saxton were tired of being alone for the holidays.

They wanted to explore something new, someone new.

They found new possibilities in a spit fire tattoo shop owner, when they went looking for what they thought was a man; the best man in the business.

Turns out he was a she.

Too bad she ran away before they could tell her they wanted more.

They’d give her three reasons to come home though:

The love of two men who would worship her.

Enough happiness to last a lifetime.

Loyalty till their dying day.


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