Why Do I Read So Much?

my-thoughtsYou know, there are people out there that ask me this. “Why do you read so much?” Honestly, my question is why don’t YOU?

In my opinion books are works of art. Art that needs to be experienced. Someone has taken the letters of the alphabet and turned them in to pages and pages of life. They create stories of love and happiness, of travels and so much more. Authors form their works of art for people to enjoy, not for books to just to sit on a shelf in a library.

I cherish my good reads and want to share them with the world, as they should be enjoyed!

I also think that reading is a way to travel while sitting still. You go to different states, countries, galaxies even. You meet characters you love, some you hate and some you love to hate.

My life isn’t perfect, there are days that I just can’t take the real world outside of the pages of my book. Having anxiety and depression and trying live a “normal” life sometimes leaves you exhausted. My way of recovery is books. Reading takes my mind off of my fears, worries, sadness.

So that’s why I read. I read to admire, enjoy, to escape, to find happiness.



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