Review: A Surrogate Love Affair

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published Date: April 17th 2017

Goodreads | Amazon

My Rating: 5 Shocking Stars

my-thoughts When your best friend of over half your lives is struggling to have a baby, what do you do? Well, be her surrogate of course.

Alice wants to help her best friend Sarah and her husband Ethan. Sarah has been trying to get pregnant for years, but has been unsuccessful. However, Kyle, Alice’s husband isn’t too happy with the thought of Alice carrying another man’s baby, even if he didn’t want her to carry his.

Alice’s mind was set, she was doing this. Only things don’t go as planned. The very day she discovers that she is pregnant, the world shatters around her after walking in on something she never thought was possible. The plan goes array.

I just want to say Jaimie Roberts knows how to make you hate characters. I hated Kyle with a passion.


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