Review: Interlude (FourMain #1) by Kay Halliday


Genre: Rockstar Romance

Published Date: April 18th 2017(TODAY!!)

Summary: Rock star Kendrick Main is living the dream—or so it seems to the outside world.

In reality, he’s trapped in a lie that’s consuming his soul and destroying his family. For years, the owner of his record label has manipulated and blackmailed him, forcing him to deceive the world and hide the existence of those he loves the most: his wife and children.

Unable to see a way out that won’t destroy the lives of his bandmates and brothers, he loses himself in the bottle. His downward spiral ends when he wakes up in intensive care after a near-fatal drunken crash. With nothing left to lose, he buys out of his contract and announces the existence of his wife and kids to the waiting paparazzi.

Penniless and lost, he has nothing to show for his former success but a broken family and a mile-long list of people he’s let down. When the pain and suffering that surrounds him trickles down to his children, Kendrick vows to right his wrongs—hopefully taking down the man who ruined his life and winning his wife back in the process.

My Rating: 5 Hot Rock STARS!


***I received an ARC for an honest review****

Let me tell ya, I have a thing for rockstars! Kendrick, his brother and two cousins make up the FourMain band, or well, at least they used to. Kendrick Main was pushed over the edge by their sumbag record label owner.

He let alcohol take over his life and it almost costed him everything. He is on the journey to overcome everything that has happen. And to do that, he has to make a few things right in his life. 1. Stop drinking 2. Get his wife and kids back 3. Let the truth out of the bag.

He was forced to lie to the world and he HATED it! It is time to let the people know that has really been going on backstage.

My only complaint is that I need more! More of these guys! I want to know more about the FourMain guys!



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