Review: Recklessly Mine (Bennett Brothers, #1)

 Genre: Contemporary romance, suspense

Pages: 215

Published: May 11th 2017 (TODAY! YAY!)

Summary: Three Rivers are two words Chase never wants to hear again. It holds far too many painful memories of the life he had. But when Chase has to take an unexpected trip back to the small town, he is forced to deal with parts of his past he thought he had buried forever.
Pulled into the buzz around town about the boy who ran away all those years ago, Katheryn’s heat skips a beat when she is literally knocked off her feet by Chase. He’s scruffy, sexy, and covered in tattoos that scream bad boy, with an attitude to match. Although he appeared to have forgotten about their brief encounter, she never could. For when he left all those years ago, he left with a piece of her heart.
As they fall in love, Katheryn is slowly sucked into his world of corruption, family secrets, and lies. Forcing Chase to choose between Katheryn and the life he fought so hard to achieve.

This is a Romantic Suspense and is told from both characters POV.
WARNING: Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.
This is book one in the Bennett Brothers Series


3 1/2 to 4 Stars.

Why you ask? I just couldn’t make that connection. Kat is a small town girl who has an quick encounter with the town misfit, Chase. Years go by and she just can’t shake him.

He returns one day to town and is even more of a mystery than before. I couldn’t feel this chemistry as much as I wish I could have. I have a thing about insta-anything really. The moments that began the spark between Kat and Chase was just one hot minute and then he is gone.

It is a second chance romance.  It was an OKAY read, I just didn’t love it like I wanted to.


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