Lost For You- Jayne Frost


It is release day for Jayne Frost with the new addition to the Sixth Street Bands series. Lost For You follows Tarryn and Chase, who we hear mention of a couple times in the other books, but you absolutely do not have to read the others before reading this one. It can be read as a stand alone!

I received a copy of Lost For You in return for a completely honest review, so here it is.

Five years ago, Tarryn Ayers was suppose to be in on a tour bus with Damaged, her band. The band she managed. The band that included her best friends. When that crash happen, they lost two members, Rhenn Grayson and Paige Dawson. She nearly lost Tori as well.

The years following the crash were spent trying to recover from such a devastating lost. With guilt, grief and pain, Tarryn tries her best to keep moving forward. She is now working with new and upcoming artists. She is the fixer of the company she helps run with Tori Grayson.

Chase Noble had everything going for him ten years ago. He was an very talented artist, then addiction made him change his course of life. Today, he is a CEO who owns many buildings and a bar. His brother is the guitarist for the Sixth Street Band, Caged.

When Chase and Tarryn are meet, she has no clue who he is. She thinks he is just a bar owner. Slowly, but surely, the skeletons start coming out of both of their closets.

The lost that both character’s have lived through and the obstacles that both have right in front of them add to the chemistry that they have. It is electrifying.

This book, along with the others in the series are all must reads! They all get 5 stars from me! But I believe this one is the best yet! Just because it show that no matter what troubles you, everyone else is going through something too. It may be well hidden, but they are trying to make it just like you.



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