Review of Harry Hole Book: "Police"

Author: Grace.

If you're yet to discover the world of Jo Nesbo and his relentless detective, Harry Hole, be prepared for an addictive reading experience that will keep you hooked from the very first page. In "Police," Nesbo takes us on a dark and chilling journey, delving into the depths of human depravity with vividly violent scenarios that will leave a lasting impression. The opening murder scene is particularly harrowing, the kind that haunts your thoughts long after you've turned the final page.

"Police" may just be his best book yet, weaving together a tale of crooked cops, sadistic killers, and spine-tingling moments that evoke the same sense of dread found in the most chilling movies. Nesbo possesses a unique ability to unsettle readers, presenting scenarios that, although rooted in the realm of "the possible," are undeniably ugly and disconcerting.

However, amidst the dark and twisted plot, there is a distinct "let's digress" aspect to Nesbo's storytelling. One of the sub-plots, focusing on the impending danger faced by a particular child, adds an additional layer of unease. Even without knowledge of the imminent threat, readers will find themselves flinching every time the narrative shifts to this vulnerable character. Nesbo effectively plays with our emotions, making us fiercely protective of the innocent, even in the midst of all the chaos.

The central mystery in "Police" revolves around the killings of policemen at the scenes of their previous investigations. Reading about it alone is enough to send shivers down your spine, and the visual representation would undoubtedly be too gruesome to endure. As Harry Hole, who has attempted to leave his detective life behind, reluctantly returns as a consultant, he faces a relentless new Chief of Police and grapples with solving a case that keeps slipping through his fingers.

Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing conclusion that will leave you stunned. If you only indulge in one police procedural per year, "Police" should be your top choice. However, be forewarned that Nesbo doesn't do cozy. There are no idyllic scenes by the fire or comforting blankets as detectives bounce around ideas. Instead, these books delve into the realm of ugly death perpetrated by equally ugly and often deranged individuals.

In summary, "Police" by Jo Nesbo is a riveting and unflinching thriller that takes readers on a disturbing journey into the darkest recesses of the human psyche. Nesbo's ability to craft an enthralling narrative filled with relentless suspense and shocking twists is unparalleled. Brace yourself for an emotionally intense experience that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Harry Hole series.