Review: Buried Secrets Series by Silla Webb (Books 1 and 2)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: 2014 

My Rating: 4 ⛤⛤⛤⛤

My Thoughts: I was drawn to these books when I found them on Amazon. I am from a Coal Town. Maybe the biggest Coal County in Eastern Kentucky.So of course I was intrigued by this. I did some research on the author and found that she actually is from the same County as me.

I only read the first two books of the series, but there is a third, however I did not have any interest in reading that one.

The first two books are about Carly John Simon, daughter of Big John Simon, who was a huge Coal Mine owner.

Carly got the shock of her life when she was 17 years old. Her boyfriend broke up with her and the very next day she found out she was pregnant. When she ran to her Daddy, the one person who had always loved her, he was ashamed by her. It broke her heart and it was the straw, she had to leave.

Before I go on, just know that these books contain rape, drug use, abuse and violence. 

Seven years pass by and Carly gets the news that her father was dying and she knew she had to get back to Kentucky as soon as possible. 

He soon dies and she discovers her daddy has left her the company. She knew not a thing about being a CEO of a Coal Mines.

With that on her plate, she bumps into her old flame…Colton, the boy she left behind all those years back.

I don’t want to say that much without giving a lot away. I liked the two I read, but just didn’t love them. 

Honestly, I thought that they were good, but at times there were some unnecessary drama. 

Being from this area, I thought that Silla Webb did a fairly good job explaining the troubles of this area. There is a big drug problem in the region and that is covered in these books. 

Anyways, if you wish to read these books, the first one is Kindle Unlimited, however the second and third are not. 

On to the next one!


Review: Torpedo by Joanne Blake

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 481 (it says that on GR, but there is no way that book was 481 pages because there are two books in one)

Published: January 17th 2017

Goodreads Summary:There’s three things I love: my crew, my ship, and sinking my torpedo. 

I wanted to serve my country for life, but then my ship blew up. Now I’m stuck on indefinite shore leave, holed up in my hometown with no crew, no ship, and definitely no women. 

Until, after five years, she walks back into my life . 

Tabitha Peterson. 

Shabby Tabby, the beautiful girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She didn’t have money for fancy clothes, but Tabitha still caught every eye in a hundred mile radius – especially mine. Back then, I’d have done anything to catch her – with zero luck. 

I’d always wondered where she ended up. 

Now I know – because she’s in my house, the caregiver sent to tend to me. I’m broken, maybe forever, but she’s more tempting than ever, with her crazy curves and big, beautiful eyes. 

I go from being bored stiff to having the challenge of my life. 

I have two missions: learn to walk again, and get Tabby where I’ve wanted her all this time. In my arms and in my bed. 

We can do it lying, sitting, or standing on one leg – I don’t need both legs to show her a good time. I just want to tear her walls down as I tear her clothes off. 

When they fall, I’m not prepared for what comes next. How badly she’s been hurt… or how badly I want to protect her. 

But I’ll risk everything to make her mine, for good

My Rating: 🌟🌟

My Thoughts: This book was a big nope for me. I went into this, not realizing what the word torpedo meant in the first sentence of the summary.

Torpedo: a cigar-shaped self-propelled underwater missile designed to be fired from a ship or submarine or dropped into the water from an aircraft and to explode on reaching a target

Nope, it isn’t that. It’s his penis.Now granted he was in the Navy. This book had me seriously ROLLING my eyes so hard it’s a wonder that they didn’t fall out of my eye sockets.

The man in this story, Gabe, he was a jerk and horn dog. There was no chemistry at all. It moved so fast, within a moment they were spitting out “I love you’s”. It was super rushed.

I want a book I can feel! I want to understand the characters emotions and pain and this was so fast there was nothing to grab ahold of.

And take note, this book only goes to 50% and then they slip another book in there. Usually I would be a fan, but I am not even going to attempt it.

On to the next one. (I apologize if there are errors in this post, I’m on lunch and on my cellphone 😂😂)

Review: Lip Service Simone Sowood

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 239

Released: Jan. 2nd 2017 (A Brand New One!)

Goodreads Summary: My new neighbor is an online s*x advice vlogger — but she doesn’t know that I know

Out of curiosity, I checked out her videos. Who wouldn’t?
I didn’t count on being tempted by her silky voice or her full lips.
Too bad she’s off limits.
Being a single dad isn’t easy, and I have rules — no relationships, and no screwing close to home.
But when I become the subject of her posts, I can’t keep my hands off her any longer.
I have to teach her everything she got wrong in her videos.

*** A steamy STANDALONE full length contemporary romance novel with a hot, dominant bad boy alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.***

My Rating: 5 Webcam stars!

My Review: You know, this is another book that surprised me. I really liked the characters. Avery, the sex expert, Knox, the hottie mechanic and of course Piper the spunky teen that brought them together.

Knox is a single dad. He was left to raise his 13-year-old daughter, when his baby mama had plans to marry another man. He somehow figured it out on his own. But when Avery moves in next door, she has his reevaluation his number one rule. No dating!

At first he was afraid that she would be a bad influence on his daughter,  when in return he realized, he needed her help because he didn’t know anything about bras and periods that his budding daughter was in much need of.

But when attraction became too much, they came to an agreement, only sex. And they had to keep it a secret. Until they both discover it is much more than just sex.

If you know me, you know this is a Kindle Unlimited. Hey, I am cheap! This was also my first by this author. I will definitely be on the look out for more from her! Be sure to check out Lip Service!

Review: Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, NA, Rom Com

Pages: 275

Released: February 8th 2012

Goodreads Summary:   Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn’t know. “My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn.”

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she’s both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.


My Review: Oh Lingus…I loved him so much. I couldn’t imagine being in the friend zone with a porn star. Especially a hot one. You know, you read about teachers, actors and rock stars. Why not porn stars? Afterall, are they not just normal people off camera?

Tristan was the Clark Kent of porn. He hid his identity behind glasses and hair dye and an alias. When off camera, he was a law student, a nerd even, but he was lonely. He just wanted someone to see him for would he truly was. Kat did just that.

Although, she felt an attraction to him instantly, she agreed to just be friends with him. She did just that. She nurses him back to health when he is sick. He helps her clean up after an embarrassing mishap. Thank God, they are just friends…right?

When he leaves to go shoot more movies, she finds herself saddened by the thought of him being it other woman. She tries to forget about her feelings and be a friend to Tristan when he returns.

She could never be in a relationship with him, right? There would be too much jealousy involved when he had to do his “job” on-screen. She couldn’t actually be with someone how has sex with other people for a living..could she?

I really liked this one, believe it or not. It was a quick read for me. I started and finished it in one afternoon. I loved the banter between Kat and Tristan. You can almost feel the sexual tension while reading this during a few scenes. And no don’t get freaked out thinking there are a lot of porn scenes. This story is told through the eyes of Kat.

It is on KU, check it out!

Ex Games by Stella Rhys

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Pages: 206

Kindle Unlimited: ✔

Goodreads Summary: What’s ice-cold but hotter than hell? Rebounding with your ex’s older brother, of course. 

A perfect storm led me to this place. Ghosted by my fiancé, I was suddenly broke, heartbroken and facing eviction. Enter Mason Leo, the six feet and two inches of pure muscle and arrogance I’ve hated with a passion since the day we met. The man is cocky, womanizing and ruinously gorgeous. 

Worse than that, he’s my ex’s brother. And for the next two weeks, he gets to do with me as he pleases. 

I’ll explain. 

With both our exes – wait for it – set to marry each other in St. Lucia, I’ve agreed to let Mason pay my debts so long as I play his date. My only job is to keep my clothes on while I get my closure. Because as much as I hate Mason Leo, the man is a walking sex god. And in the name of revenge, he gets to take me out, show me off – dress, touch and kiss me with those wicked lips. It’s all for show, but every night in paradise with him brings more drinks, more drama and another temptation, so no matter what I do, I can’t stop reminding myself this: 

There’s absolutely no good to come from f*cking my ex’s brother. 

No matter how good it’ll feel. 

My Rating: ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤

My Review: I am a sucker when it comes to books. I love it when the good guy wins. I love angst. I love forbidden relationships. 

I would kind classify this as a forbidden relationship.Because dating your ex’s brother should be off limits.

But what if you have a reason, payback. Who knows that you would actually fall in love with each other. 

Mason and Taylor are both pissed. Taylor’s finance has left her with nothing. In an apartment that she can’t afford, with plans for a wedding that was never going to happen. No explanation, no reason. Just a goodbye scribbled on the backside of a crumbled up receipt. 

When Mason shows up at her apartment and gives her the reason, Aaron, was getting married to another woma. Mason’s ex. So what better to do, but scheme up a payback so big it would make you want slap your mama.

Only they fall for each other. For real. That only makes revenge sweeter.

My favorite read of 2017 so far!

Too Late- Colleen Hoover

Too Late by Colleen Hoover

Genre: Contemporary Romace, NA

Pages: 395

Published: November 19th, 2016

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Goodreads Summary: Sloan will go through hell and back for her little brother. And she does, every single night.

Forced to remain in a relationship with the dangerous and corrupt Asa Jackson, Sloan will do whatever it takes to make sure her brother has what he needs.

Nothing will get in her way.

Nothing except Carter.

Sloan is the only good thing to ever happen to Asa. He knows this and he never plans on letting her go; even if she doesn’t approve of his lifestyle. But despite Sloan’s disapproval, Asa knows what it takes to get what he wants. He knows what he needs to do to remain on top.

Nothing will get in his way.

Nothing except Carter.

My Rating:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review:

Colleen Hoover is the queen. The best. One of my all time, alway favorites. The woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I wanted to read this the second I heard about it. It is different for the “norm” that is Colleen’s writing. When I saw it was on Kindle Unlimited, I grabbed it.

Sloan was stuck. She was in this relationship with Asa, who, to me was the devil. He had her by the hair and wasn’t going to let her go. Then comes Carter. And Thank God for him. At first, Sloan has the wrong idea about him. He isn’t all that means the eye, and I will leave it at that.

I can’t really put into words how great it was. I think they should bring this one to life and make it into a movie!

I actually read this back on Thanksgiving and I am just now writing about it. It has been quite a little hectic around here. My husband had to have surgery and has to go on permanent disability so we have been trying to adjust to that.

Pinky Promise by HJ Bellus

Pinky Promise by HJ Bellus

Genre: Romance, Contemporary romance, Sports Romance

Pages: 256 pages

Published:  October 9th 2016

Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble

Goodreads Summary: From the USA Today and AMAZON best seller, HJ Bellus, comes a sexy standalone romance: Pinky Promise.

Baylor Jones and Stayton (State) Blake
Two lost souls raised on the streets. Young children vowing to always protect each other. He was only nine but he was her protector and best friend for years.

Even when thrown in foster care he took care of her always like a king to his queen. A silent pinky promise shared between, it was their secret protection to one another.

Then one morning he was gone. Leaving Baylor on her own to battle the streets and more importantly life in the Kings all by herself.

“I will love you, even if I never see you again.”

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️

My Review:  This story begins with Baylor and State as children. After a tragedy takes away their parents, they are sent to an orphanage. Once State is adopted and Baylor isn’t she was sure she would never see him again.

Flash forward ten or so years and Baylor is working three jobs and trying to put her self through college and she hasn’t heard from State since the day he was adopted. That is until one night she is work as a waitress and he happens to be sitting at one of her tables with a bunch of his friends from college.

Now, what happens when they see each other for the first time since they were kids was very awkward, even for me and I have read a bunch of weird books. He just reaches out and grabs her pinky finger. That’s not really the weird part, but it was the fact that she was angry with him for being adopted. And they were angry at each other like they had been lovers, like they were madly in love at nine years old, when they were separated.

I grabbed this book prior to even reading a synopsis, because it really had such good ratings. Hundreds of five-star rating. I thought it would be a great read.

I am all for reunited love, but this had so much cheese, I needed some chilli and fries to go with it. It had potential, it did, but it felt rushed and it was really predictable, especially at the end. I had figured out what would be happening early on in the book.

I hate having books that are left unfinished, so I pushed my way through.I felt even in the end there were loose ends. I am not saying its horrible. It isn’t, it just wasn’t for me. It felt childish.  The banter between the two main characters was extremely cheesy and the “drama” was just silly sometimes.

I don’t want to give out spoilers, actually I am not sure if what I am about to say would even be a spoiler, but here goes. State had said he had never even had a girlfriend before…and he wasn’t a virgin. I would think that if he was that “in love” with Baylor, he would have not had sex with other girls, but that is just me.

This is a Kindle Unlimited book, so if you want to check it out, you can for free if you are a member, but I wouldn’t be recommending this to a friend.

Conflicted by Lisa Suzanne

Conflicted by Lisa Suzanne

Genre: Contemporary romance

Pages: 352 pages

Published: September 12th 2016 by Books by LS, LLC

Links: Amazon | Goodreads | (I couldn’t find on B&N)

Goodreads Summary: “Be a good little assistant and go get me some coffee.”

Comments like this are why I hate my boss. Since taking over as CEO of Benson Industries, Cole Benson has been demeaning, arrogant, and infuriating.

For as much as I hate him, I can’t stop thinking about him. A captivating attraction passes between us each time his dark eyes meet mine. As the late nights and business trips add up, we are compelled to cross the line of our professional relationship.

But how can I call him my boyfriend when I already have a husband?

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My Review: Lucy Cleary has worked at the same company for years. But when the CEO of Benson Industries steps down and give the company to his son, Cole, things change a bit for Lucy.

Cole was an asshole. He didn’t seem to respect her, he was demanding and there were days that she asked herself why didn’t she just quit her job. But there was something about him that she couldn’t get out of her head. He was hot, an alpha male, but not only was he her boss, but she was also married.

Her marriage to John wasn’t going great at the moment. John didn’t pay any attention to her any more. The only thing he did was work. She was lonely. So what harm would it do if she fantasized about Mr. Cole Benson? The harm only comes when he somehow turns into her boyfriend.

Let me just say that I have a major issue. If there is a book with a love triangle or forbidden romance, I flock to it. Let me also say that I have never, nor would I ever have an affair. I just like reading about the tension and the angst. I know, I am strange.

This book was full on tension and angst. It was great! Cole is now categorized into my “Book Boyfriend List” and once you read it, I am sure you will think he belongs in yours as well!

I felt bad for Lucy in the beginning. She was sad and lonely because of her husband. Her boss treated her badly and she just wanted to be cared for. Cole was perfect for her. One he admitted that he has attracted to her, I knew it wasn’t looking too good for that loser of a husband of hers. I would have been a goner too.

So if you are like me and like the thrill of forbidden romance, take a look at this one! It’s Kindle Unlimited!

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Pages: 276

Published: October 18th 2016 by EverAfter Romance

Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble

Goodreads Summary: Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka His Royal Hotness, is wickedly charming, devastatingly handsome, and unabashedly arrogant; hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you.

Then, one snowy night in Manhattan, the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn’t bow down. Instead, she throws a pie in his face.

Nicholas wants to find out if she tastes as good as her pie, and this heir apparent is used to getting what he wants.

Dating a prince isn’t what waitress Olivia Hammond ever imagined it would be.

There’s a disapproving queen, a wildly inappropriate spare heir, relentless paparazzi, and brutal public scrutiny. While they’ve traded in horse-drawn carriages for Rolls Royce’s, and haven’t chopped anyone’s head off lately, the royals are far from accepting of this commoner.

But to Olivia, Nicholas is worth it.

Nicholas grew up with the whole world watching, and now Marriage Watch is in full force. In the end, Nicholas has to decide who he is and, more importantly, who he wants to be: a King… or the man who gets to love Olivia forever.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My Review: It is every girls dream to be swept away by a handsome prince. Only, for Olivia, that dream became reality late one night when she was cleaning up her coffee shop. He walked right in….drunk as a skunk.

You see, Nicholas was the Crowned Prince of Wessco and his grandmother, the Queen, has given him the summer to go to New York City to find his younger, wilder, brother Henry and bring him home before he completely ruins their family image. But once Nicholas returns, he has to choose a bride and marry, per orders from the Queen.

Once he arrived in New York, he planned on staying very intoxicated. So when he meets Olivia, he was so wasted, he tried to pay her to sleep with him. She didn’t know who he was, but it wouldn’t have mattered, she was pissed.

Olivia was a strong woman, who worked hard to provide for her father and younger sister. She wasn’t going to let some guy come in and sweet to talk, whether he was a prince or not. Nicholas, however, wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Will they let the impending doom of the end of the summer and Nicholas’s forthcoming marriage stop them from having the time of their lives together?

I found this book from the Queen herself, Colleen Hoover that is. And if you don’t know who CoHo is, you have been living under a rock for quite sometime. She raved about this book and if she thinks its good, it HAS to be good. And it did deliver! I loved it!

This book is a part of a series, but each book will be stand alone. The next book is about Prince Henry, Nicholas’s brother.

I loved the characters in the book. Marty, the waiter from the coffee shop was hilarious and so was Ellie, Olivia’s sister. It was an easy read, I finished it in one day.

I really hope that there is a follow-up novel to Oliva and Nicholas. It would be interesting to see farther in to the future with those two. It’s a great book and I would definitely recommend it to you all!

Big D by Stephanie Brother

WARNING! This is actually two reviews, the first being Big D by Stephanie Brother and the second being Huge-A Stepbrother Romance also by Stephanie Brother. This is because they were combined in the Kindle version of the book that I purchased.

Big D by Stephanie Brother

Genre: College, Romance, New Adult

Pages: 237 (Trust me, it isn’t this long because it isn’t a full length book, it’s two novella’s together)

Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Note: I could not find this book on B&N.

Published: October 16th, 2016

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Goodreads Summary: They call him Big D because he is.
Tall and broad, with muscles so thick and good that all I can think about is getting a grip on his biceps and squeezing.
Then there’s the other reason.
All the girls talk about it. I’m not sure how everyone knows he’s hung like a horse but they do.
I try not to think about it because he’s a popular football player who everybody knows and I’m just the work-focused history major who likes to stay mostly invisible at school. But when my professor pulls me aside and asks if I’d be willing to tutor a failing student, suddenly it’s impossible to ignore.
I’m going to be teaching Big D. If he doesn’t pass he’ll be off the team and they can’t win without him.
We’re going to be together night after night, well, the ones I’m not working. I have two big secrets you see. Huge enough that I know for sure that I’m not right for Big D, even though I wish I was.
In my fantasies I imagine finding out if he really does live up to his name, but when trouble heads in my direction again, Dominic Ramsey might be the only one that can keep me safe.

Big D is a standalone Sports Romance with a happy ever after. It also features HUGE – A  Stepbrother Romance for your continued reading pleasure! Enjoy!

My Review: Big D = Big Disappointment for me. NOW, don’t get me wrong. I really loved the story, it had so much potential, however it was not a book, but a novella. I purchased this without reading a synopsis or a review, so maybe that was my fault. I love big books, but the only thing big in this read was the leading male character’s member. And let me warn you, they talk penis on the first couple of pages, so beware.

Hannah was crushing hard on the football star of her college’s team, Big D. She was assigned to begin tutoring him so that he can stay on the football team, she decided to go along with it because her professor was promising her scholarship money for getting him to pass history class.

Dominic A.K.A Big D, isn’t really like your typical jock. He seemed very caring and sweet and he was very protective, which turns out to be a good thing. He and Hannah take a fast liking to one another, but soon realize it was hard to balance all of the things they were hiding from each other.

Like I said, I did like this story. However, I was disappointed about the length and also the title states this is a sports romance, but they only mention the sports aspect maybe two times other than stating that Dominic plays football. I had my hopes up on a good sports/romance read, so if you are looking for that, look elsewhere.

Also, I stated that it had potential to be a full length book, it really did but the author shut it down quickly. I am not sure if she just didn’t know what angle to use or what happen. It was very interesting, it kept me reading along until the end and I was hooked.

Huge: A Stepbrother Romance also by Stephanie Brother

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Stepbrother.

Pages: 75

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Published: September 2, 2015

Links: Amazon | Goodreads | (I also couldn’t find this one on B&N)

Goodread Summary: I didn’t mean to see it.

It’s his fault for leaving his door open while he was getting changed.

I’ve seen my stepbrothers gorgeous, ripped body before, and have been half in love with him since he moved into my house. He’s cocky and sexy and when he calls me princess I want to punch him in the mouth.

But I’ve never seen a d*ck that big, and now that I have I can’t seem to think of anything else.

I want him, but crossing the line could risk the happiness of our new home.
Harrison would never make the first move, so I guess I’m going to have to find a way.

And the masked Halloween party at his best friend’s house seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.

My Review: Okay, so I am going to out on a limb here and say that the author has a fetish for big trouser snakes. And that’s totally fine, I mean, I am a woman and a writer and I know size matters! But the title says it all, this also includes a leading male that is well endowed.

So, this one actually was released a year prior to Big D and it tells the story of Jenna, who is Hannah’s best friend, and Harrison, who is Dominic’s bestie. They are step-siblings and at this time, they are still in high school, I would guess because they are still living with their parent’s.

Jenna was going by Harrison’s room one day and found herself face to face with his penis. He had obviously just gotten out of the shower and left his door open while he was getting dressed. It was all she could think about. She had formed this attraction for him and was plotting a way to be with him without actually “being” with him.

This one was shorter that Big D, but I wanted it to go on further. I wanted to know what happen next. If you are like me and read this book after reading Big D, you will know a little, but not enough to formulate how things went down after the book ended.

All in all, I like both stories, I really did. I just wish they were longer, which is why I can’t rate either of them high. I have to take away, but that’s because I love my books 300+ pages.